Count Pacula

Count Pacula is a living, breathing vampac a creature of the undead, he has the power to turn pac-worlders and ghosts into his own zombies by hypnotizing others with his red eyes. The only ghosts he hypnotized are Pinky and Dr. Buttocks. He is voiced by Lee Tockar.

Count Pacula is appearing in A Berry Scary Night, Pac's Scary Halloween Part I and Pac's Scary Halloween Part II.

In A Berry Scary Night, Betrayus, Dr. Buttocks, and Buttler located his coffin in the Netherworld. They awakened him to destroy Pac-Man that Halloween as the twin moons of Pacworld turned a rare, dark blue shade. According to Sir Cumference, vampacs can only consume Yellow Orbs during this "double blue moon", which only happens every 100 years.

In Pac's Scary Halloween Part I,

In Pac's Scary Halloween Part II,


Count Pacula has fade gray skin, a black cape, pointy hair, red eye white with purple irises and a set of fangs and also wears a black suit.


  • His weakness is the garlic berry.
  • He has a tendency to roll his "R"'s.
  • In the old Pac-Man TV series, there was a vampire Pac of the same name.