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Elliptica (also known simply as Elli) is the niece of President Spheros and Betrayus. She came from PacTokyo to Pacopolis to visit her uncle President Spheros where she met Pac and his friends.


Elli has a pink body and pink eyes. Her hair is pink with blue streaks and is put up into an odango style with hair pins. She wears gloves with hearts, and shoes that were mismatched into red and blue. Elli was first seen in her debuted episode with a strawberry bag.


Elliptica is a kind, beautiful, fashionable and intelligent girl. When she’s excited or grossed out, she switches to her native language. She's also been known to be very stubborn. Despite this, she is also courageous and able to fight.



  • Like Pac, her father mysteriously disappeared after The Great Pac-War. She was too young to remember him.
  • Her uncle Betrayus said that she’s as stubborn as her father. She was surprised that she knew of him.
  • She called Pac "tomodachi", which means "friend".