Pinky is a supporting character in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. Pinky's a female pink ghost who is one of the members of the Ghost Gang. Along with Blinky, Inky and Clyde as allies. She also has a crush on Pac-Man. She is the second youngest. Pinky is the pink ghost. She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball.

Ghostly Adventure's Pinky


Pinky has a sweet, flirty, girly and kind of ditzy personality and on several occasions can get pretty mad. She usually hangs out with Blinky, Inky and Clyde. Pinky views Cyli as a rival for Pac-Man's affection. Although she has called him Pac-Man when not he is not around, she calls him Pacums, resembling sweetums.


In several episodes she has shown the ability to transform into a giant Cyclops Ghost when angry she can be over protective sometimes.


She has a pink, plump ectoplasm body with sky blue highlights, a bouffant hairstyle (one from the 1960s), eyes with sky blue pupils and violet irises, and a skirt that looks like a circle skirt.


Season 1Edit

  • 101: "The Adventure Begins Part I"
  • 102: "The Adventure Begins Part I"
  • 103: "No Pets Allowed...Especially Monsters! Part I"
  • 104: "No Pets Allowed...Especially Monsters! Part II"
  • 105: "All You Can't Eat"
  • 106: "President Possessed!"
  • 107: "Is Zit You Or Is Zit Me?"
  • 108: "Pac to the Future"
  • 109: "Heebo-Skeebo"
  • 110: "Mission ImPacable!"
  • 111: "No Body Knows"
  • 112: "Seems Like Old Times"
  • 113: "Betrayus Turns the Heat Up"
  • 114: "Pac-Pong Fever"
  • 116: "Jinxed"
  • 117: "Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime"
  • 118: "Planet Pac vs the Ghosteroid"
  • 119: "Stand By Your Pac-Man"
  • 120: "PacLantis"
  • 122: "A Berry Scary Night"
  • 124: "Robo Woes"
  • 125: "The Spy Who Slimed Me"
  • 126: "Invasion of the Pointy Heads"

Season 2Edit

  • 201: "Ride the Wild Pac-topus"
  • 202: "Meanie Genie"
  • 204: "Cosmic Contest"
  • 205: "That Smarts!"
  • 206: "Pac-Mania"
  • 207: "Rip Van Packle"
  • 208: "Spooka-Bazooka!"
  • 209: "The Pac Be With You"
  • 211: "A Hard Dazed Knight"
  • 212: "Cap'n Banshee and His Interstellar Buccaneers"
  • 213: "Happy Holidays and a Merry Berry Day"
  • 214: "Peace Without Slime"
  • 215: "The Ghost Behind the Throne"
  • 217: "The Bride of Grinder"
  • 218: "The Legend of Creepy Hollow"
  • 219: "Easter Egg Island"
  • 221: "The Wizard of Odd"
  • 222: "Honey, I Digitized the Pac-Man"
  • 223: "Pac's Very Scary Halloween Part I"
  • 224: "Pac's Very Scary Halloween Part II"
  • 225: "Santa Pac"
  • 226: "New Girl in Town"



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