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Power Berries are berries that grow from the Tree of Life. Eating a Power Berry grants the one who eats it a special superpower, such as element powers, wind breath, super speed, etc. (all berries allow the user to survive in the Netherworld and many allow for flight).

The Power Berries were used by the Yellow Ones to fight Ghosts, though anyone can use them. Betrayus and the other Ghosts often attempt to steal the Tree (or Pac's Berry supply) in order to utilize their power.

Known Power Berries

Name Desciption Berry Power
Power Berry The most common Power Berry, eating this berry is the only way a PacWorlder can enter the Netherworld without succumbing to its toxic atmosphere. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. Pac Man And Berry Tree.png
Minty Ice Berry Grants ice powers, allowing the user to freeze things and form structures out of ice. Minty Ice Berry.png H9.png
Fireball Berry An extremely powerful berry that surrounds the use in a ball of fire which they can release as a projectile. Extremely rare, only used once in The Adventure Begins, Part II, but easily able to destroy a large army of ghosts, leaving only their eyeballs behind.
Kung Fu Berry Enables the user to perform high level Kung Fu, regardless of skill or knowledge. Kung Fu Berry.png
PacZilla Berry Enlarges the user to gigantic size, to the point of towering above buildings. Giant Berry.png Paczilla.png
Chameleon Berry Gives the user the abilities of a chameleon, including camouflage, a long sticky tongue, and enhanced vision. Chameleon Berry.png Bandicam 2015-01-27 00-15-50-799.jpg
Fishing Rod Berry A berry that converts the user's tongue to a fishing rod, able to hook onto Ghosts and reel them in. Pac transforms into Fisher Pac-Man with this berry, once again gaining flight capability.
Rocket Berry Attaches rockets to the user's legs, enabling rocket powered flight. The color of the rockets seem gender based as Skeebo's rockets were blue while Cyli's were pink. Skeebo also gained a cape. Bandicam 2015-03-14 16-58-07-485.jpg
Bounce Berry Allows the user to bounce in a similar style to a rabbit. Most likely, the Rubber Berry also allowing for bouncing caused this berry not to be used again.
Vacuum Berry A berry which turns the user's tongue into a suction tube.
Fire Berry Gives the user fire powers. Firey Berry.png
Spin Berry Turns the user into a spinning top, enabling them to spin around at high speed like a tornado. Images532NTR.jpg
Granite Ball Berry Changes the user into a large stone ball, allowing them to smash through heavy objects or crush strong enemies under their weight. Stone Berry.png
Planet Berry Enlarges and transforms the user into a planet, including their own environment and atmosphere. PATGA Cartoon Screenshot 43.png Planet Pac.png
Gill Berry Allows the user to breathe underwater.
Youth Berry A special berry which once grew on bushes in Paclantis. De-ages the user to their youth. Ghosts who eat it will gain their body back as occured to the Ghost Shark. Youth Berry.png
Elder Berry One of the oldest berries on the tree of life. It morphs the user into a gigantic monkey-like creature. Elder Berry.png Images8WM891B9ZLV.jpg
Garlic Berry Allows the user to belch Garlicky gas that can be used to ward off VamPacs, like Count Pacula. When Pac ate the berry, he was able to create a Garlic Jack'o'Lantern to fight alongside him. Garlic Berry.png H12.png
Wizard Berry Turns the user into a wizard, granting them magic powers. Wizard Berry.png
Arachnid Berry Grants the user the abilities of a spider, such as spinning webs and shooting webbing to grab enemies or swing. Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 12.41.38 PM.png
Brain Berry Grants the user super-advanced intelligence. It has the side effect of making the user awkward and clumsy. Brain Berry.png 190 1402628986995QZ.jpg
Grow Berry Enlarges the user, allowing an average sized PacWorlder such as Pac to stand at the same height as Fluffy. Extremely rare.
Lighter-Than-Air Berry Makes it user lighter-than-air, causing them to float til it's effects wear off.
Rubber Berry Transforms the user into a rubber ball which can bounce around, smash into objects, or slam down on Ghosts to destroy their bodies.
Balloon Berry Inflates the users body like a balloon. Gas is released when they revert back. Balloon Berry.png
Wind Berry Give the user the ablility to breathe strong gusts of wind to blow away enemies. Unfortuanetly, the wind is so strong the user may blow away themselves just by talking. Wind Berry.png
Super Speed Berry Grants the user super speed.
Fly Berry Give the user the abilities of a fly, such as compound eyes and the ability to flap their arms at high speed to use them as wings. 368 pacs-scary-halloween -(44).jpg
Merry Berry Special berry which sprouts at the top of the Tree of Life every year on Berry Day. It represents a star on the top of a Christmas Tree. It unleashes a large amount of energy which engulfs and destroys all Ghosts in it's path.
Stretch Berry A berry which allows the user to stretch his/her limbs like elastic bands in order to grasp faraway objects or gain some height.
Wi-Fi Berry Special berry created by Sir Cumference to send Pac into Cyberspace in order to stop the virus created by Dr. Buttocks. Wi-Fi Berry.png Images (5).jpg
Combo Berry A combination of all power berries sent into Cyberspace by Sir C in order to help Pac stop Buttocks' virus.
Flight Berry Also extremely common, this berry gifts a PacWorlder with the power of flight. Pac often eats this berry at the start of battles with ghosts in order to eat them in the skies.
Titanium Berry Gives the user a titanium body, granting their body magnetic attributes. In this form, their tongue can act as magnet or drill. In Rip Van Packle, Pac was shown to possess super strength, able to punch through an unbreakable cage. Titanium pac try to control dentures of doom by ilovesonicandfriend-d9ph4em.jpg
Shrink Berry Shrinks the user down to the size of a flea, giving them access to small places previously unreachable.


  • Pac has been shown to be able to utilize the powers of certain berries without actually eating that specific berry. Sometimes becoming Rubber Pac-Man just by bouncing or falling in his normal form, his tongue already being a vacuum tube as soon as he sticks it out, and becoming Spin Pac-Man at will, despite sometimes being in desperate situations solved by a Spin Berry, which could've been avoided had he actually not required a berry to use this particular form. What makes the latter even weirder is him claiming the berry to be new to him in The Great Chase!, despite having used it's power in the past.
  • While others have been shown to transform when eating Power Berries, berries such as the Ice and Chameleon Berry, only seem to transform Pac, giving those like Cyli, Elli, and the fake Zac and Sunny, their powers and not transforming them.
  • The Pointy Heads have demonstrated use of a weapon which can take away Power Berries' powers. Reflective coating can keep this from happening.