Pink Girl

Sherry is the pink Pacworlder girl is one of Pac-Man fellow students from Maze High School. Sherry has a nasal voice and is one of Pac-Man's friends. Her father is Mr. Strictler, as revealed in Driver's Pac when Mr. Strictler revoked her driver's permit and told her to tell her mother that he would be late for dinner. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.


She has a bright pink round body, green eyes, pink hair, and has braces on her teeth.


  • When Sherry speaks it sounds like she has a lisp due to her braces.
  • She knows that stress is why she breaks out before picture day because she told Pac-Man.
  • Her last name is Strictler, making her full name as Sherry Strictler.
  • Spiral and Sherry are good friends.
  • In the episode Driver's Pac, her learner's permit stated her name is "Braces". Until her name was revealed, this was the name she was known by.
  • She was voiced by Tabitha St. Germain. She is almost similar to Rarity from My Little Pony.