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Skeebo is a minor antagonist in the series, his role being a primary bully against Pac. He is also a former boyfriend of Cyli.


Skeebo is a blue pacworlder with purple eyes, short, spiked blond hair and white sleeves. He wears blue and white sneakers in white socks. Skeebo is taller than the average PacWorlder, and has an an above average build.


Skeebo is confident, mean, and rude in general. He is cowardly when it comes to ghosts, even though he was one of many who did not believe in ghosts. He is the biggest jerk in the school that Pac, Cyli and Spiral attend. He hates Pac and the color yellow, and is also jealous of Pac.



  • Skeebo can sing very well.[1]
  • Skeebo is often seen at Pac-It-In Burger, where his food is often stolen by Pac-Man.
  • Skeebo was dating Cylindria prior to the show’s events.