Skeebo is a blue pacworlder, he is an antagonist to Pac and his friends. He used to be in a steady relationship with Cylindria until she broke up with him for running away instead of trying to save her from a ghost. Ever since that happened he started to bully her as well. Skeebo wants to be a better hero than Pac-Man but always fails. He is voiced by Matt Hill.

Skeebo is one of the few characters with a name not based on some form of a geometic term.


Skeebo is a blue pacworlder with purple eyes, short spiked yellow hair and white sleeves. He wears blue and white sneakers in white socks. Skeebo is taller than the average pacworlder, and has an an above average build. Skeebo is shown to act confident and brave, but when in the presence of ghosts he flees, often screaming.


Skeebo is shown to be jealous of Pac-Man when he saves the day from ghosts. Skeebo hates the color yellow, yet ironically he has yellow hair. He pretends to be a hero, but is afraid of ghosts just like most Pac-Worlders. He hates it when Pac-Man eats all the food, as Pac-Man does this in multiple episodes. Pac-Man offered him power berries in “The Adventure Begins, Part I” although they had no effect, likely because they weren’t fully grown. Later in the episode ”Hebo Skeebo” Skeebo steals Pac-Man‘s power berries and plays hero. He gains access to them due to a plan made by Lord Betrayus, although it ultimately fails and Skeebo makes front page of the local newspaper for being a “fake hero”

Skeebo has the typical “Sports Jock“ personality, although it’s unknown if he actively plays sports.



  • Skeebo was one of many who did not believe in ghosts, now he has a deathly fear of them.
  • He's jealous of Pac-Man, and bullies him as a result of that.
  • In Robo Woes, it is revealed that Skeebo can sing.
  • Skeebo is a lesser antagonist to Pac-Man
  • Skeebo is often seen at Pac-It-In Burger, where his food is often stolen by Pac-Man.
  • Skeebo was dating Cylindria prior to the shows events