Pac-Man's Father

Zac is Pac-Man's father. He has blue eyes just like his son, brown hair, and a brown hat. He and Sunny were supposedly killed during the events of the PacWorld Wars 1 and 2 by Betrayus, when Pac was merely a baby. In "PacLantis" they maybe ate a youth berry and became younger than Pac-Man. In Pac to the Future, Pac-Man travels back in time to meet his parents. He wanted to stay longer to protect them from Betrayus before he could do anything to them. Unfortunately, Pac-Man had to travel back to his present time before he became history. It was voiced by Paul St. Peter (Season 1) and Ian James Corlett (Season 2) .

His name was mention in "Indiana Pac and the Temple of Slime" where Pac-Man finds his father's hat in the temple of slime.

The Pacinator was discovered to be the triggerman who took out every member of Pac-Man's race (including Pac-Man's parents) with the exception of Pac-Man himself, but it wasn't Betrayus, it was the Pac-Alien species, and they may have imprisoned them. Apex is killing them.

Zac, along with his wife Sunny, are set to appear in a Christmas special, Happy Holidays and a Merry Berry Day.